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What happened to Halle's Oscar Curls?

We'd like to know who is responsible for this crooked concoction of curls placed atop Halle Berry's head for the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony! As a fellow curly girl and supporter/ promoter of all things curly and natural- THIS my friends, I cannot support. Granted, we hadn't seen Halle in a while, which is probably for the best after quite the messy scurfuffle a few years back between Halle's baby daddy #1, Gabriel Aubry, and baby daddy #2 and (now) ex-husband Oliver Martinez. But it's a hard pill to swallow when you leave us like this -> ... only to return looking like a basket of curly fries! Before all of my naturalistas turn on me, let me clarify my stance: First and foremost I will always keep my reactions and opinions true to who I am and ridiculous is ridiculous. Further, it's not that Ms. Halle couldn't have pulled off a head full of luxurious curls, but a curly look can be tricky and well, you might just wanna get it right for the OSCARS. Curls need a lot of separating and styling. Too little and you look like Shirleen from the church, too much and, well, you might look like Halle Berry from the Oscars.

Now, this was a wig, or HELLLA clip ins at the very least, but the actual curls themselves were nice, soft, shiny, and full. However, notice I said that this was a wig and not a hat, and a good wig (or clip ins) requires careful placement. So I'm not sure if she was rushing, or if her stylist was upset with her that evening, or maybe she tripped on the way in, we can't be sure, but the thing was crooked.

Now here we see the look from a couple of different angles and you'll see the sort of, off-balancing act that brought this look into question. It's as if her head were a tray and her hair were a bunch of grapes, but there's more grapes piled onto the left side of the tray than the right side.  I've circled the place where that little extra section was doing too much. Where is @anthonycuts when you need him? He would have just snipped those rogue curls right off and it might have been perfection!  But really, how are you wearing a side part with no side part!?

Then we have two other angles. Okay, looking a kinda flat and very blonde in the back. Also very heavy in the front, like a curly mullet of sorts. That's not the shape we want from a curly fro. Then - oh, hello! We see Halle waving through a part in the crowd. Nope still looks weird, even with half a view.  I think what saddens me most about this look is that she looks tired. Her makeup is not flattering and seems to wash out her face. Halle is an award winning actress and no doubt, a hard working mother of two who deserves to be exhausted....BUT curls are meant to look fun and lively, not to weigh you down! Unfortunately, I think this look did just that.  The curls should have been styled and cut much better, a little less dense and not so "front-loaded", if you can even describe a hairstyle that way.

However, I want to end this post on a love note for both natural curls and for Halle...

THIS picture is said to be from the City Summit event just weeks earlier on February 11, 2017 in L.A.


I'm not sure what happened in between the 11th and the 26th, but like I said earlier, Halle can most definitely slay a head of curls. I'd love to see her try THIS look again. After all, everyone deserves a do-over!

So, what did you think of Halle's Oscars look?

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