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Welp, this about sums it up

Welp, this about sums up January 2017. We've been forced to say goodbye to our beloved President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, to usher in a twitter troll with a bad comb over and a fourth grade vocabulary to lead this damn nation, literally into damnation. Black folks and a handful of white folks all over the country, heck, around the world cringed as we watched Barack and Michelle shake hands and stand alongside Doofy and Melania before the swearing in ceremony. While many wondered if the Tiffany's box Melania handed Michelle had the decrepit remains of the speech she stole from Michelle last year, most of us just wondered, "wha the f*ck are we supposed to do now?"

Degenerate Trump's dry ass inauguration was depressing to say the least; even the sky wept... for days. But the very next day, women, men, and children all across the country marched in protest to protect literally everything we've held dear as Americans for the last eight years- from a woman's right to chose what she does with her reproductive organs, to equal rights for the LGBTQ community, to the very EXISTENCE of black lives, to standing firm against rape culture. There was also LOOTTS of "pussy" word play, OH YES - it was splendid.  Millions of people came together across the globe to protest this one man. And yet, still today - he is our president. Le sigh.

Since giant sink holes haven't begun to open up worldwide causing people to plummet to their deaths in a pool of lava, we can assume this ISN'T the end of the world, although it sure feels like it. Within his first week in office, Dismal Trump has already signed 12 executive orders that include: beginning construction on the Mexican border wall, speeding up the approval of the Dakota access pipeline, a federal hiring freeze, and banning federal dollars from supporting any organization that offers abortions. Talk about a giant F U to the spirit of American democracy. He's also just tweeted (which in his mind is probably the same as signing an executive order) that he's prepared to send in federal forces to patrol the rising crime in my home town of Chicago. Ya'll, I'm already exhausted.

Alas, I'd like to somehow place a positive spin on 2017 thus far. I often refer to myself as an optimist so, challenge accepted!

Here are 10 positive things that have happened so far this year

  1. There's an Obama White House Instagram Page so that we can imagine life as if he never left.

2. Barack Obama has launched The Obama Foundation, where he and Michelle can continue to help make the world a better place, despite Diddler Trump's best efforts

3. THIS photo.  JUST today, activists from Greenpeace climbed atop the massive crane behind the White House and release a flag that simply read "RESIST". Priceless.

Source: Npr.org

4. Taylor Bennett, Chance the Rapper's little brother came out to his fans as a bi-sexual male and received overwhelming support. Taylor has recently made headlines for his talents also as a rapper and for clenching a role in a new short film, Broad Shoulders. He opened up about his sexuality on Twitter of all places, and was accepted and supported by his fans and most importantly, his brother.

5. There is at least one African American nominated in each of the 2017 Oscar categories of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director. Moonlight, Fences, and Hidden Figures are also nominated for a slew of other awards - all starring black actors and actresses in leading roles.

6. Mahershala Ali is still fine. Lordt. 

Photo: Saint Mary's College

7. So is Kofi Siriboe who plays Ralph Angel on OWN's Queen Sugar. 

I digress....

8. FX's Atlanta won a Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical, Donald Glover gives a very Childish Gambino- esque acceptance speech and hails Migos' single "Bad and Bougie" as the best song out right now, and boosts the song's streams by 243%.

9. A White school teacher from Baltimore tried to get a customized Black Lives Matter credit card from Wells Fargo. Although they rejected the design, the fact that she even attempted shows her commitment to supporting the value of Black Lives and speaks volumes of her as an inner city teacher and human being in these sketchy times. Kudos to her. She also went public with the story to create awareness of Wells Fargo's bigotist policies. Not a good time for Wells Fargo.


10. MLK Day. The King is always a reason to celebrate.

I did it! So while it is true that we should all be concerned about Donkey Trump, the earth continues to spin for now and there still some decency in humanity. Now, only 1,435 more days to go :)




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