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Hair Crush: Simone Missick

We're in love with the newest badass on-screen detective who's breaking ALL the rules! Detroit native, Simone Missick is the breakout actress on Marvel's Luke Cage series on Netflix. Her character, Misty Knight, is a street savvy detective on the case to discover who's responsible for several heinous crimes that have been terrorizing  the streets and residents of Harlem throughout the series. It seems early on that undercover super hero and title character Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) might be her love interest, but as we get to know Detective Knight more throughout the show, we learn that her sheer determination will let nothing stop her from catching the true perpetrators, not even certain physical distractions.

Admittedly, one of the first things I noticed when watching the show was that Misty Knight always seemed to be rocking a very well-done two-strand twist out. I know I know, it seems petty to notice, but how often have we seen a young black woman in a leading role in a Marvel Comic Netflix series, let alone rocking a twist-out? I later learned that the original Misty Knight character made her initial appearance in the the first issue of Marvel Team Up in 1972. Then it started to to all make sense - the original Mercedes "Misty" Knight was a Black n' Proud, fro-wearing, crime fighting sista. *brown fist emoji*


Welp, kudos to Netflix for maintaining the integrity of the character with a modern-day flare. Even more notable, is actress Simone Missick's courage to keep wearing her natural hair styles as she receives more exposure onscreen. As a fellow Howard University Alum, Simone was gracious enough to watch my TED talk in between filming her latest projects. In a tweet, she acknowledged one of my key points about natural hair- that when we are invited to wear natural styles at work, is gives us the confidence to grow and develop professionally.  

"...it gave me the confidence to be #mistyknight! That small thing was BIG"

It was such a joy to see Simone connect with one of the key messages in my talk, and to admit that being "natural" in the business still comes with it's challenges. Simone and other actresses who we typically see on and off screen with natural hair styles such as Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Rutina Wesley, and even silver screen new-comer, Janelle Monae are definitely trailblazing natural hair in Hollywood, and by the looks of it, neither of them have plans on slowing down any time soon. 2016 may have been a lot of things, but I think it's safe to say it was a huge win for natural hair!

We can't wait to see what Simone has up next. Our sources tell us that she's working on possibly two new projects that are also modern-day versions of original Marvel comics: The Defenders, and Iron Fist. You go girl! To her we say, keep breaking barriers and giving us #curlconfidence! Congrats to the entire cast of Luke Cage for a second season renewal. We hope 2017 is as popping for blacks in film as the previous year. Stay lit and prosper.



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