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Level Up to This: HBO's Insecure Soundtrack

If you're missing Insecure and can't wait for Season 2, here's the next best thing to hold you over. Issa Rae and her team have just released the soundtrack to the breakthrough series. Now you can relive some of your favorite scenes- like Issa's first encounter with Daniel, the evolution and decline of Lawrence and Issa's relationship on the bouch, and the infamous "Broken Pussy" rap- and know which artist to thank. Of course, these tracks didn't chose themselves, but there's no surprise who's the genius behind the musical selections that seemed to literally pull us into each scene. Yup, none other than our favorite baby sis, Solange Knowles. After Solange dropped one of the best albums of 2016 (in a severe time of need, might I add), she decided keep the party going by supplying us with tracks from dope, yet highly underrated artists like The Internet, Kari Faux, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Sampha. You'll also see tracks from old favorites like Usher, Maxwell, Boosie, and Drake. Kudos to the Insecure team and Solo for curating such an eclectic playlist. I'm certain I'm not alone when I say that the songs really played a key role in how many of us connected to the show. I don't know about you, but I had Conflict of a Man by ERIMAJ stuck in my head for WEEKS following the scene where Lawrence is jogging through the streets of Englewood getting his lil physique together. Hey Lawrence.


Anywho - the full soundtrack is available now on Spotify. Gone getcha sum.

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