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Mood: Three women who are slaying 2016 and how to take your cue from them

One is an industry mogul, one is a fictional character, and the other you may not have even heard of until a year ago. We’re mid-way through the year and although the months have seemed to fly by, these next 3 women have come out swinging.  Take a page out of their book to embrace your inner badassery, and you too are guaranteed to have zero fvcks left to give by the end of year. Beyoncé


An obvious #1, Queen Bey managed to take an everyday saying (that’s old as heck, by the way) and give all new life to produce the sweetest, most pungent Lemonade we’ve tasted in a while.  Even Chick-Fil-A can’t compete (although, they tried it) and their lemonade is delicious.

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In February, Yonce popped up atop a sinking police vehicle and told us all to get in formation.  She also confirmed that the cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster ARE, in fact, a fitting reward for a proper bedroom slay. What followed from that moment was a fantastically designed plan to wreak havoc on anything you thought you knew about her life or her career. Two years ago, she created controversial waves when she hinted at being a feminist in her single “Flawless”. But hoooney, nobody was ready for the black panther Superbowl dancing, hot sauce baseball bat toting, Serena Williams twerk teaming, scorned wife daddy issues having, Becky skin confetti teeth wearing breath Lemonade hail storm that was about to come through. Amidst the media frenzy over her visual album, Bey launched directly into her Formation World Tour. Folks are still talking about what they THINK really happened between her and Jay-Z while they ride the rumor roller coaster straight to the bank.

Take your cue from Beyoncé: Be uninhibited. Unleashing your authentic self and unveiling your truth is a scary thing. What will people think? Will I be accepted? How can I share what I’m ashamed of? Self-discovery can be a beautiful and liberating process. As you become more accepting of your truth, it will permeate throughout each project you take on. Lemonade is hands down the most raw and risqué body of work Beyoncé has released to us, and there’s no surprised that many feel she’s at the peak of her career. The more confident and comfortable with yourself you become, the sweeter your lemonade will be. Don’t be afraid to share it – the world is thirsty!

Deanarys Targaryen


She goes by a million names (as I’m realizing kick ass people typically do). Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. Khaleesi. Queen of Mureen. The Unburnt Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains.

These are names she’s collected, and will not hesitate to recite every last one of them right before she strips you of your power, potentially kills you, and takes rule over your kingdom. Meek and mild upon first glance, Deanerys Stormborn (another name, go figure) is arguably the most formidable force to reckon with out of all the characters on the HBO series Game of Thrones. She’s kicking ass, and taking names - but she’s only taking names so she can read off a list of people whose ass she kicked to the next person who underestimates her. What sets her apart from the rest of the garbage pail kids vying for the Iron Throne is her methodology. She’s young and beautiful and until recently, had never been exposed to the vile, savage, cruel and deceitful ways of men and war. But once exposed, she knew that her physical stature and soft demeanor would land her either dead, or as the sexual sycophant to some barbaric fiend.  In other words – in a world of eat or be eaten, lil’ mama was trying to eat.  Her evolution and rise to power remains one of the most engaging stories in the series. Before I even watched Game of Thrones I knew there was a throne, and magic woman with white hair and some dragons. That was it.

Take your cue from Deanerys: Careful study and adaptation will give you the advantage . Deanarys was clever enough to realize that if she won the acceptance and affection of the masses and those in power, it would be easy for her to pursue her agenda. She quickly identified and overcame weaknesses that would inevitably leave her helpless and in danger. She sought out what she needed to learn in order to reposition herself and earn the right to respect. When that’s not enough, she taps into her secret power. Not that that she’s flame retardant and has 3 dragons in her command; but knowing that her enemies have underestimated her courage and intelligence. And for that, they always pay.

Blac Chyna


Yep, I took it there. The mind-blowing strategery of this former stripper turned revengeful mastermind is one for the books.  If you think for one second that Angela ‘Blac Chyna” Renee White’s whirlwind love affair with the only Kardashian brother was simply a romantic twist of fate, you may kindly have a seat at Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s table in the back.  After having a brief stint as a Kim K “bestie” during her engagement to rapper Tyga, she like many others quickly realized the #1 rule of life – DO NOT BRING YOUR MAN AROUND THE KARDASHIAN SIRENS.  Shortly after giving birth to her and Tyga’s son, King Cairo, she noticed Tyga had gone missing, only to find him in the lair of the youngest Kardashian siren, Kylie Jenner. Maybe Chyna let the different last name fool her into believing she was innocent, or maybe the silly notion that the girl was only 16 meant that her grown ass baby daddy couldn’t possibly be interested. Alas, pedophile Tyga was a goner and it seemed that Chyna too, would be wiped from our radar. With the help of her BFF, Amber Rose, she held her head high and stayed on the scene displaying all sorts of liberation and girl power. Yay her. But behind the scenes this woman was playing chess not checkers, boo. When she emerged, she had all them Kardashian hoes sirens in checkmate. Not only did she “catch” Rob Kardashian hook, line, and sinker – the couple revealed over the short course of one month that they are very much in love, engaged, and pregnant.  #ThatllTeachEm

Take your cue from the future Mrs. Angela Kardashian: Patience is key. You may not believe in Karma, but time is always on our side. It’s impossible to undo the past, but use your time wisely, and you can shooole make a bunch of people wish they could go back and undo some things! I kid, revenge is not the focus here. Learning to reflect on what happened, think critically about what could have been done differently, and move forward with an updated and more fine-tuned plan of action is a very valuable skill. With a well thought out and carefully executed plan, you can plan to be victorious!

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