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Spot The Trend: Fuzzy friends that are all the "buzz"

It’s possible by now you’ve seen little monsters attached to women’s purses - no, NOT your ex girlfriend with the nasty spending habit and unhealthy selfie obsession! More like, a fuzzy green guy with intensely glaring eyes and an intense price tag to match. Fendi-Bag-Bugs  look10

This trend was kicked off by FENDI as a part of their spring/summer 2016 line introducing a collection of “Bag Bugs” meant to add an additional flare to the sleek look of their iconic leather handbags. The trend has not really begin to take hold, proving that you CAN wear fur in the summer.

Each one is typically made of authentic fox fur and can also sport any combo of leather, lace, feathers and fine crystals to create that “buggy” look. They come in a variety of colors to compliment any bag or outfit and are roughly the size of a baseball.

Now for the best part - these bizarre buggies will run you between $600 and over $1000 to hitch a ride on your bag. I guess that's why we mainly see them on the young, rich, and bill-less like Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and on professional socialites like Olivia Palmero.

Chey’s verdict: I think they’re cute, but I’m a bag enthusiast myself. I have a fuzzy bag monster that stay’s with my black Louise Et Cie bag that is made of light brown fox fur, has a black face, and yellow eyes. I call him Wesley Snipes.  As you all know I’m a budgetnista, so there’s no part of my DNA or any of my 7 shakras that would allow me to actually buy a FENDI bag bug. However, I’ve been loving Wesley Snipes thus far and you can find one similar to him here. 


fendi-rtw-fw2013-details-21_104353873251-600x900the-hardest-working-pieces-in-olivia-palermos-closet-1665159-1455917014.640x0c              Cara-Delevingne-Bag-Bug

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