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The Level Up's 30 for 30

You're probably familiar with the ESPN's ever popular 30 for 30 docuseries. This isn't that. I've officially been 30 now for three months, which means I'm finally REALLY 30, and also classified as "old" Millennial. Ugh.  One of the fun things about turning 30 is that: everyone else around you is also turning 30. So, I thought I'd give some of my peers a head start on the path to embracing 30 and offer 30 important things to know about turning 30.

  1. You will have to make some big decisions. Inform and prepare yourself accordingly.

2. Time moves at warp speed.

3. You will probably have more money/ assets than you've ever had before. But also...

4. You will want to hold onto it more than ever before.

5. If you are an African American, please do not walk around screaming "Black don't crack!" Save that until you're at least 50. Honestly, you shouldn't look that old at the age of 30 unless you're living a really distressed and unhealthy life. Most of the people I know are doing pretty well, so, save the "I look young for 30" bit. Thanks

6. Time to get your credit right. Like, for real.

7. Practice being more honest with yourself and your loved ones.

8. If you get annoyed by repeatedly seeing kids, weddings, 20 second montages of food recipes,  and Herbalife, you should probably just avoid social media altogether.

9. Unless you are a millionaire, you will be forced to prioritize things you want to do. Do you want to travel? Start a family? Purchase a home? or purchase your first Chanel bag? Chances are you can't do it all. If you ARE, in fact, a millionaire please inbox me.

10. You will notice physical changes. Not a big deal, but all the more reason to be more proactive regarding your overall health.

11. Don't say you're going to do things and then don't do them

12. This is the time to absolve the love/ hate relationship you have with your parents, and commit to being totally loving. At least a healthy 80/20 balance. If you still live with your parents then 70/30 is acceptable.

13. Stop making impulse buys.

14. Stop dating that same "wrong type of person".

15. Your perspectives will change, and hopefully for the better. You will begin to see things through a much different lens than when you were 20 or even 27. Take advantage of your matured reasoning.




16. 30 is not old but -

17. 30 is old to a 15 year old. Just remember how old 30 seemed when you were 15. Don't get discouraged when you realized what you just said to your little cousin, niece or nephew didn't come off as cool. Because, it wasn't.

18. Avoid comparing your status in life to those around you. A "successful" life at 30 looks all different types of ways. Some of your peers might be shooting the shit breeze with Kendrick Lamar at a party in LA, while others will be on their 3rd child. Success is relative (see #15).

19. You will work hard. Again, there are a few exceptions to this one depending on the hand you've been dealt. But chances are your work ethic will reach it's apex around this time. Capitalize on this.

20. You cannot make everyone's 30th birthday celebration.

21. Take good care of your belongings. I realize that sounds like something your grandmother would say but, she was right.

22. Look for quality over quantity.

23. Men: get a nicely tailored suit.

24. Women: Do something different with your hair

25. This is a good time to practice efficiency. Use your time wisely. Save and stack money however you can. Kill 2 birds with one stone. DIY. You get the picture.

26. DO listen to old music from 15 years ago. It still goes hard.

27. DO organize group trips with 4-10 people. Whether it's couples, mixed, or a bunch of friends - everyone is more financially stable and needs a release from the monotony of their 40 hour work week. You're pretty much guaranteed to have a good time.

28. Keep your mind sharp.

29. You have the power to create a life that you love.

30. Live long and prosper

Live long and prosper

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