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Complex's best 50 albums of 2015

Complex's best albums of 2015 list was a great reminder of what an awesome year this was for music of all genres. Of course there was no surprise that artists like Future and Drake appeared multiple times throughout the list, or that Adele's record breaking album fell within the top 5. However, there were some orderings that really made you go "hmmm"...


Whoa. That was surprising. A$AP Rocky's album came in over Drake's If You're Reading This it's Too Late (#9), and The Weekend's Beauty Behind the Madness (#23) that both produced numerous hit singles. Remind me to ask around to see if anyone anywhere agrees with this ranking.


2015 certainly turned into a flex zone for these two, but #3 best album of 2015? That's aggressive. I had to step back and revisit that album to recall that they actually did have 4 singles that got a lot of radio play. However, I'd say Complex jumped the gun with that one.


Well, dammit it if Rae Sremmurd is #3 then Fetty Wap's album should be #2. Party goers of all races and ages rocked out to singles Trap Queen, 679, and Again throughout the entire summer. I mean, the internet was itching for them! Anywho, they definitely through shade at my man Fetty with #40, they could have at least given him #17 or #38. Right?


That's just my take. Check out the list for yourself, and take a listen to some of the best (arguably) albums you might have missed this year.

Happy Holidays from The Level Up!

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