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DIY Beautify

Upon moving into my new apartment with my new roommate, I was blessed with the master bedroom. I immediately became drowned in this fantastic idea that I would transform it into a space equivalent to one you'd get a tour of watching Million Dollar Rooms on Netflix. In my defense, I'd just finished watching all the episodes of Genevieve's Renovation. I eventually realized I had not the time, nor the budget (or skill or resources) for my grand vision. But there were things that I COULD pull off myself. Exhibit A

FullSizeRender 4

Plain 3  drawar MALM dresser from Ikea. Great value. Sturdy. Plain.

I went online and ordered some temporary self adhesive wall paper from target.com. Found some that matched the pattern and somewhat the color of my headboard.

Exhibit B

FullSizeRender 2

This took more time to complete than I had expected due to lining up the pattern when the roll of paper was only 2.5 drawers tall. I did this with 2 chests (6 drawers total) and took me close to 3 hours to complete. My end take: DIY is NOT always worth saving the money. However, if the end result is something totally customized like this and fairly inexpensive - go for it!

Total cost: 2 MALM drawers from ikea $160 + $30 temp wallpaper = $190


Mule Tide

Freshly Washed and Frizz Free