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Another deep sigh at the Donald

On Monday night during yet another session of Donald Trump spewing  bile from his mouth, he rants on and on about how Hilary left the last Democratic debate to use the bathroom and do something "too disgusting to talk about".

Then proceeded to say that she had been "schlonged" by Barack Obama during their race in 2008. Wow, a white supremacist attitude with an Adam Sandler vocabulary. Gotta love the irony there.


First and foremost - Hillary Clinton went to the bathroom to do something disgusting?


...are you talking about?

Secondly, this guy is a complete cave man. And the fact that real live people are standing behind him (especially women) makes me very nervous for this country. However, even meth heads, people who have children with their first cousins, and men with small penises need someone to believe in I suppose.

source: CNN Politics

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