Celeb Social Media: The Good; The Bad; and the WTF!

March 30, 2016


If I’m honest (which I tend to be) celebrities making a fool of themselves on social media is more saddening than entertaining. ESPECIALLY the ones who were actually talented before exposing their idiotsyncrasies to the interwebs. Now, I’m not referring to the Kim K’s, Blac Chyna’s and Tiffany Pollard’s of the game. Understandably, these individuals built their fame from the ground up through a variety of exploitation and reality shenanigans. I’m talking about the men and women who actually worked hard to develop their careers based on real talent! It seems everywhere I look, singers, actresses, athletes, and comedians, armed with a touch screen and a 10th grade education, are demolishing their image in the eyes of millions in seconds it takes to reload your timeline.

Let’s take the recent Khelani-gate scandal. I’ll try to be el sensitivo amidst the recent reports of attempted suicide, but insert *really girl?* emoji face here. I’m unaware of what other troubles this child has brewing in her life, but her social media activity certainly isn’t helping. Ex-boyfriend and rapper Party Next Door posts a pic that implies she’s cheating on current beau Cavaliers baller Kyrie Irving – the blogs are immediately lit, leading to insta-shame and meme-dom. Typical 24 hours. Then reports surface that the singer has been hospitalized for attempted suicide and yet, SHE’S STILL POSTING! Pictures of her laden with IVs, and even a comment coming to PND’s defense stating “he actually saved my life”. When is enough enough kids?


This is not the first time messiness from seemingly talented folks has played out in 140 characters or less. Remember these sh*t shows..

Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson (@missjackson)
Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa
Shad (Bow Wow) Moss and Keyshia Cole
Anything 50 Cent says
The old Rihanna
The Game, as a whole

If anything, there’s a few lessons we can learn from the talented, rich, and PR-less:

  1. There is a such thing as too much sharing. Social media is made for sharing, but over sharing can be detrimental to your image, brand, and your career.
  2. Opinions are like assholes – everyone has them. And they’re bigger and shittier on the web. If you’re planning to put yourself out there, be prepared for whatever reactions come your way.
  3. Sex sells, and so does stupidity. Celeb antics are often a ploy to promote their latest project. So if YOU’RE gonna be dumb on the internet, at least don’t do it for free.
  4. One moment of unbridled transparency can outweigh a lifetime of hard work. Make your social media presence work for you, not against you.
  5. Autocorrect is NOT your friend, and celebrities just can’t spell. #BeBetter #Proofread




Photos: Courtesy of Radiokingonline.com, @balleralert, and @theshaderoom

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