Embracing my Lip Fetish

December 25, 2015

Oh, darling…don’t we all have a bit of a lip fetish. BUT, Mine is special because I’m wearing my new lip color from Lip Fetish Cosmetics.

“Savannah” from Lip Fetish’s Liquid Obsession line


This peachy nude is called “Savannah” and comes from their Liquid Obsession line. The texture of this liquid lip is AMAZING! Definitely more bang for your buck than you would get with a tube of lip glass from MAC. It sells for $18.00 and is available on the Lip Fetish website.

This best part about this lip line is that it’s owned by my good friend, Quana! I will always and forever support entrepreneurship and the good businesses of friends of mine, especially when they put their time and effort into making the products themselves. You can’t beat great quality products made right here in ‘Murica 🙂

Quana, owner of Lip Fetish Cosmetics
Visit the online store and pick up some of the gorgeous fall/winter colors, or grab a couple from the nude collection. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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